Security Assessment for Property Managers

Security Design Concepts has been providing security assessments of residential and commercial properties for over 25 years. We understand the frustration of criminal activity and the need to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to live and work without creating a fortress. Our assessments provide realistic solutions and consider the economical and logistical issues of implementation.

The following are general areas of concern common to property management and assessments may include any or all of them as applicable.

Guards - Evaluation of existing or proposed guard duties & expectations; guard performance; guard supervision; reports & procedures; needs assessment; alternative solutions.

Lighting - Review of existing outdoor common area lighting and recommendations made regarding: illumination levels; fixture placement; energy conservation; type of fixture; undesirable spill-over lighting; aesthetics; vandalism.

Fencing/Gates - Examination of existing fencing or areas where fencing may be needed, including: establishing real or symbolic barriers; defining areas of territoriality; fence materials; vehicles & pedestrian access; emergency access; visibility & privacy issues; aesthetics.

Buildings - Inspection of buildings regarding physical security concerns, including: door construction; door locks & key control; access control devices; closed circuit television; alarm system; window vulnerability; surveillance opportunities; patios & gates; building perimeter.

Landscaping - Review of existing landscaping regarding criminal opportunity & potential barriers, including: visibility issues; alternative landscaping schemes; barrier plants & their placement; use of plants to define restricted spaces; graffiti deterrents; aesthetics.

Recreation Areas - Analysis of open space, pools, recreation room, outdoor recreation amenities, laundry room, and storage areas regarding physical security issues, vandalism, and trespass.

- Review existing or proposed plans for vehicle control gates, parking areas and structures, including: gate operation; emergency access; automated gate access; lighting & signing; perimeter access; needs assessment; general parking area security.

Research & Consulting - Consulting for specialized issues is available and could include, but is not limited to: analysis of crime on the property; analysis of criminal activity surrounding the property; act as liaison to law enforcement regarding property concerns; working with government to resolve issues dealing with implementation of security measures.

Fees for consulting services can either be project based or billed hourly. Contact SDC to discuss your project and the anticipated scope of work.

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