CPTED Review

CPTED for Business

A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review is highly recommended for facilities which are planning to be built or under consideration for expansion/remodeling. The most proactive and economical approach to securing a facility is to design into it security enhancements while on the drawing board. By utilizing CPTED concepts, cost effective methods for integrating security into building design and operational layout can be made at the most optimum time which is the design stage. A comprehensive analysis is conducted to determine the most acceptable security enhancements considering aesthetics and company image.

Some of the items to be evaluated include:

Site layout & floor plans
Lighting & landscape plans
Exterior & interior circulation systems
Opportunities for natural surveillance
Territoriality considerations
Interaction of facility users
Locking & keying system
Identification of control points
Electronic security applications

CPTED for Law Enforcement & Planners

Security Design Concepts specializes in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design consulting and more information can be found at our CPTED website: www.CPTEDconsulting.com

Fees for consulting services can either be project based or billed hourly. Contact SDC to discuss your project and the anticipated scope of work.

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