Security Assessment for Government Agencies

Security Design Concepts consultants have previously worked full time in the governmental sector and are familiar with how it operates. Security assessments of government buildings and a wide range of departmental operations have been conducted by SDC consultants in the Southern California area. Assessments have covered topics relating to employee and public security/safety and protection of buildings and government assets.

Security assessments are conducted using a variety of techniques as agreed upon by the client and SDC. Approaches may include: An employee survey; department head questionnaire; interviews; physical inspection of site; analysis of procedures and policies relating to security; evaluation of actual criminal activity and fear of crime; analysis of electronic security (alarms, access control, closed circuit television) and physical security (locks, doors, fencing, landscaping, lighting); private security guard operations review; analysis of public lobbies and private work areas; review of existing or proposed crime prevention programs

In addition to providing security assessments, SDC, in conjunction with an associated security engineering firm, can develop engineering and bid specifications for alarm, access control, and closed circuit television systems. The specifications would be based upon a needs assessment developed by SDC consultants and provided to our associate engineering firm which specializes only in security and safety, and who also has no affiliation to any producer or installer of security equipment.

SDC can be contacted for a confidential discussion of potential or existing security problems. Cost estimates to conduct an analysis of specific areas of concern or buildings in general can provided.

Fees for consulting services can either be project based or billed hourly. Contact SDC to discuss your project and the anticipated scope of work.

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