Security Assessment for Colleges & Universities

Security Design Concepts consultants have experience in conducting a security assessment for both public and private colleges and universities. We understand the nature of learning institutions and their residential component. The institutional culture is important to acknowledge when conducting a security analysis as the recommendations must be achievable and blend into the campus environment. Approaches to a security analysis include: meeting with various departmental personnel; conducting discussions with interested groups as determined by the client; working with campus security to obtain crime data and discuss operational issues; conducting on-site assessments of existing security (physical, electronic, procedures); evaluating influences around the campus affecting general security.

As with any security analysis, SDC utilizes the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which address issues of criminal opportunity and fear of crime in both living and working environments. There is an established relationship between design of buildings/areas and criminal opportunity. CPTED concepts acknowledge these relationships and provide guidelines to alter the environment in a positive manner, often blending in security measures which are not obvious.

Budget constraints are considered in any security analysis and recommendations are provided in a phased approach based upon funding and level of need to implement. Often recommendations contain simple policy and procedures which can be implement for little or no cost and have immediate results.

Fees for consulting services can either be project based or billed hourly. Contact SDC to discuss your project and the anticipated scope of work.

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